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Verifying Site Ownership with Google

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Sometimes you will be required to prove your identity to individual companies, especially where brand recognition and copyright laws are taken extra-seriously. Google is a prime example of this.

For example, if you are trying to set up Google's Webmaster Tools, or G-suite email services, you will be required to prove you own the domain name. In most cases, this is accomplished by making a change only the actual webmaster could make, such as: adding a record to your DNS or website that Google can see. In this article, we will learn how to verify your domain name with Google, specifically with HostGator so that we can begin using their third-party tools.


To begin verifying domain ownership:

  1. Log into your Google Webmaster account.

  2. Click on 'Verify This Property' under your domain name.

    User-added image

  3. Select 'Alternate Methods'

    User-added image

  4. Choose 'HTML Tag'

    User-added image

  5. Copy the provided code and then Navigate to your HostGator account.

    User-added image

  6. Click on 'Manage' gear on the left of the screen than on 'Advanced.'

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  7. Place code from Google under 'Site Meta Tags' then click 'Save.'

  8. Once you land back on your main design dashboard, be sure to republish your site.

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  9. To complete the verification, navigate back to Google Search console and click on 'Verify.'

You're done! Now your domain name will be linked to your Google account so that you can use their different tools to help you online. For more information on Verifying Site Ownership with Google, check out: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/35179?hl=en