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Verifying Third-Party Domains with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

During the setup of Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, one of your first steps will be verifying that you own the domain. If your domain is registered with HostGator, we're able to help with completing this step. However, if your domain is registered with another registrar, you'll have to complete the verification process with them.

Change Name Servers

If you would like to complete the verification with the help of our live support, you'll need to go to your current registrar and change the name servers on your domain to point to your hosting package. This article can help you with locating your HostGator name servers:

Note: When changing name servers at the registrar, there will be 24-48 hours of DNS propagation time, where your website and email may not be available.
Note: If you have other DNS records set up at your current registrar and you update your name servers to use HostGator's, then you'll have to create those records again at HostGator because they do not transfer when you change the name servers.

When You Can Not Change Your Name Servers

If you have a live website currently hosted with your third-party registrar, you may not want to change your name servers, as this can result in your site being down. The simplest way to avoid this, if you still want to change the name servers, is to add your domain to your hosting package as an Addon Domain and set up any necessary records before changing the name servers.

If you need any assistance with creating the records or verifying your domain, please feel free to contact us via phone or Live Chat.