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Upgrading to PHP 7.2

Note: This article announced the new version of PHP that was becoming available in late 2020. We have since upgraded our servers to newer versions of PHP. Please see the article What Version of PHP Are You Using? for the most up-to-date list of available versions of PHP on all of our hosting plans.

In our ongoing effort to bring you the best products and services, HostGator is updating all of our servers to PHP version 7.2

Why Are We Updating?

In addition to improved data processing, which can boost your site’s speed and performance, you’ll also gain increased security. Newer versions of PHP have more frequent security updates to protect your site against unwanted hacks or malware.

When Will It Happen?

Our servers are being updated on a rolling basis throughout the year. Keep an eye on your inbox because you may receive an email when your server is being updated. 

At some point during the upgrade window - September 28, 2020, through October 2, 2020 - your account will be updated, and older versions of PHP will no longer be supported. You may experience a brief disruption in service during this time.

Do I Need To Do Anything on My End?

Yes, if you have any custom code or plugins, we recommend that you upgrade all of your web installations to the newest PHP software available before we upgrade your account.

Newer versions of PHP are already available on your current server, and you can set your site to use those versions with this helpful guide. You should create a backup of all of your website files.

What If a Newer Version of PHP Won’t Work on My Site?

We have put together a list of fixes for the most common errors. Please see these articles for more information.

If you need help with these changes, please reach out to us via phone or chat so we can assist you.