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Updating Legacy Linux Dedicated Hosting Packages


Are you on a legacy Linux dedicated hosting package? If you are, we are excited to announce that we will be updating your hosting package! This update will allow you to take advantage of some of the new features available in the Customer Portal to manage your dedicated hosting package and server.

To figure out if you're on a legacy or new dedicated hosting package, please check the article How to Tell if You Are on a New or Legacy Hosting Package.

Questions? You may have questions regarding what this process entails and how it will affect your dedicated hosting, which is totally understandable. Let's address some frequently asked questions you may have during this exciting update.

Who will be affected by this update?

If you purchased a Linux dedicated hosting package on your account before October 2020, you would be part of this update.

What is the process of the update?

Every time you log in to your Customer Portal, you will notice that it displays your dedicated hosting package's information, including its package ID. HostGator will be working on updating the "package prefix" of your package ID only. This involves transitioning the prefix of your package ID from DC to DH. Don't fret! Your dedicated package's renewal date, specifications, and hosting price will all remain the same.

Will there be any downtime for my server?

Nope. We will only be updating the prefix to your Linux dedicated hosting package ID. Nothing on your server will be touched, changed, or updated.

Why do you need to update my package?

HostGator always wants the best for you! We will be updating your dedicated package so you can enjoy the new features we developed within your Customer Portal. There is no action needed on your part as this is a task we will do entirely on our end. This is only for the purpose of linking your dedicated hosting package to the new features in our system.

What new features will I have after the update?

With the update, you will get to enjoy these exciting features for your dedicated hosting package - all within your Customer Portal!

  • Change your WHM Password - The update makes it easier to change your root password in your Customer Portal. Please check out the article How to Change WHM Password for instructions.
  • Reboot your dedicated server - You can request a server reboot within your Customer Portal. Here is an article to help you through the quick steps - How to Reboot Your VPS/Dedicated Server
  • Change your primary domain name - You will have the ability to change the primary domain of your dedicated hosting package within the Customer Portal! For instructions, please visit the article Customer Portal - Change Primary Domain.

When is this update going to happen?

Soon! We will let you know via email once we are ready to start the update on your dedicated hosting package.