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Unpublishing or Resetting website

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This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

As life changes around you, it's no surprise to us that you may need to take a break from all that online success at times. It's also understandable if you have walked too far down the wrong path with your website and want to start over. While other times, you may feel the need to close down your account completely.

No worries, in this article, we will cover the different ways you can either, Temporarily Unpublish your website, Reset your Template.

First: Unpublishing your website:

If you wish to hide your website from the search engines while you make various changes to your website, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. In the Control Panel, from the My Sites section, select the three vertical dots known as "the kebab menu" to the bottom right of the selected site.

  2. A menu will appear where you will see you have the ability to: rename your siteunpublish or delete your website completely.

    User-added image

  3. Click the unpublish button to open the following confirmation modal:

    User-added image

  4. After confirming, the site is taken offline immediately.

  5. When navigating to the unpublished site, a 404 page not found exception is shown.

After unpublishing, the published state of the site in "My Sites" will be removed. 

Resetting Your Theme:

As you work on your website, testing different elements and settings, you may find yourself reaching a point of no return; requiring you to start over.

In fact, one of the first things you may find yourself doing is exploring the builder's simplicity by adding elements and changing various settings.

This is an essential function of learning and growing with your builder.

To start over from the beginning:

  1. Click the "Hamburger" Menu button in the upper left-hand corner of your dashboard. (The 3 Horizontal lines)

  2. Search for, and select: "Reset Template."

    You will be met with a prompt asking you to confirm resetting the theme and clearing out the work you have completed so far.

    User-added image

Pro Tip: If you would like to delete your account permanently, please contact us via cancel@Gator.com and one of our support team members will reach back out to you within 48 business hours with confirmation.