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Troubleshooting Integrated Shipping


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When you have added the Integrated Shipping option from Shippo to your eCommerce HostGator store, it should automatically sync and begin working. Occasionally, you may experience issues using or setting up Integrated shipping, which this article will serve to address.

Due to the nature of this article, some information may be subject to change or may become out of date. If you need help setting up Shippo, checkout: Integrated Shipping

Common Issues:

Integrated Shipping Unavailable in Checkout:

Symptoms: When placing an order on a website, the checkout page is showing a flat rate instead of Integrated Shipping and does not allow the user to select the carriers.

Since flat rate shipping is the default (backup option) for shipping, when this occurs, there must be something wrong with the integrated shipping set up or the actual shippo account.

Things to check in our system:

1. Ensure Weights entered for each of the products.
2. Ensure there is a Default package size entered for Manage shippo settings

Things to check in the Shippo Account:

1. The correct carrier is set up correctly.

2. Integrated Shipping Shows Unavailable in Account:

  • If You have no authorized apps appears when reviewing your authorized APPs from Shippo, Your HostGator account has not yet been approved. See image.

User-added image

  • To resolve this, disabled integrated shipping from the HostGator account. Then, the customer should sign up again with their account credentials. You should now see this screen:

User-added image

Can't Create Shipping Label:

Symptoms: Can't Create a Shipping Label; the option is greyed out, or unavailable when selected.

  1. Ensure that your package is not set to cross international borders as Shippo is only able to handle domestic shipments. 

  2. Carrier Requirements errors may appear in your Shippo where the guidelines of what needs to be done will be defined in the carrier website or control panel. Customers should check their carrier accounts to resolve setup issues such as dimensions issues, contacts, billing, or a combination of errors.

Troubleshooting Common Error Messages:

Symptoms: Below is a list of common issues with support guides available From Shippo's website: Shippo Common Error Messages

From the Common Errors Page, you can review articles on the following issues:

  1. Unable to Validate Address

  2. No Rates Found

  3. An error occurred when creating the label

  4. Authentication" Error

  5. There was an error processing your shipment.

  6. Default Payment Method

  7. The sender address must contain a first and last name or a company name.

  8. Info is Missing or Invalid: ContentsType. Error encountered.

  9. Selected Services Do Not Apply

  10. The minimum weight accepted per USPS customs item is 1 oz.

  11. 2209: ERROR: Inactive customer account

  12. UPS label service error: Severity: Hard, code: 120100: detail: Missing or invalid shipper number.