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Moving a domain name away from Network Solutions is relatively simple while taking some time to accomplish.

This article will show the detailed steps needed to grab your EPP or Transfer code and complete a transfer process.

Things to Keep in mind when Transferring a Domain:

You cannot transfer a domain within 60 days after the following events: 

  • Registering or transferring the domain name
  • Updating the registrant contact organization
  • Updating the registrant contact's first or last name. (organization is not listed)

Before You Begin a Transfer:

  • First, verify the contact information is correct. This information may include turning off Privacy Settings to Verify that the administrator and Registrant contact information for the domain is accurate. All emails about the transfer will go to the administrator's email (or registrant's email for some domains). 

  • Ensure that the domain name is unlocked, preventing transfer.
  • Ensure that your new registrar is ready to accept the domain name.
  • If you have a third-party Email Service attached to your domain, adjust your MX records with your new domain provider before transferring to prevent an interruption of your email service. You'll keep managing your email subscription through the host you purchased it from. 

 For more information on Transfers, see ICANN's Transfer Policy:

1. To update these contacts at Network Solutions:

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Click Account Settings.
  • Click Accounts and Contacts.
  • On the section People Who Can Access This Account, click Edit Account Contacts.
  • Click the account name where you wish to confirm the contact information.
  • On the Edit WHOIS Contacts section, click View/Edit WHOIS Contacts.
  • Choose the checkbox next to the domain name you want to confirm, and click Continue.
  • If the Administrative contact is inaccurate and needs to be updated, select the Administrative Contact option and click Continue.

2. To remove domain name privacy:

  • Go to log in to your account.
  • Access My Products and Services tab and click on My Domain Names.
  • If you have a single domain name, proceed to the next step. If you have two or more domain names, click Manage next to the domain name where you want to make the changes.
  • Select Turn Private Registration Off from the Details section, and then click Go.

3. Obtain the Authorization Code:

If needed, get an authorization code (also known as an EPP code or transfer key) from your current registrar. Several domain name extensions, primarily country-code top-level domain names (ccTLDs), do not need an authorization code.

To get the authorization code from Network Solutions:

  • Go to and log in to your account.
  • Access My Products and Services tab and click on My Domain Names.
  • Click the domain name you wish to unlock.
  • From the Domain Details section, choose Request Authorization Code, and then hit Save.

If no authorization code was sent to you after 24 hours, contact Network Solutions support at 888-642-9675.

4. Unlock Your Domain Name

All domains registered with Network Solutions are within the Domain Protect status, which is displayed as Registrar-Lock at the registry. Before a domain transfer is requested, ensure that the lock is removed and the registry status is confirmed as Active.

To unlock your domain name:

  • Go to log in to your account.
  • Access My Products and Services tab and click on My Domain Names.
  • Click the domain name you wish to unlock.
  • Under the Domain Details section, click Edit.
  • Choose Turn Domain Protect Off and then click Save.

Note: Waiting time will be 24 hours before the system identifies and recognizes the change in status.

5. Submit Request for Transfer: 

Once you have obtained the authorization code from your current domain registrar, also known as the EPP or transfer code, you will need to email the necessary details below to one of our advisors here: [email protected]

Please ensure your email subject is 'Domain Transfer Request':

  • Domain name:
  • Name domain is registered:
  • Full address registered to:
  • Email address registered to:
  • Registered telephone number:
  • EPP/Authorization/secret code:

IMPORTANT: The information you provide in the support email must match the information available in the WHOIS database. Make sure to pay strict attention to your email (including the junk or spam folder) over the next few days, as you will receive several emails that may require your approval to complete the domain transfer process.

6. Completing a Transfer:

Once you’ve finished the above steps and the status of the domain in the WHOIS shows Pending Transfer  - it will take between 7-10 working days to complete the transfer and receive validation from your current domain registrar.

Pro Tip: Once the domain arrives in your HostGator account, you will need to update your DNS records before the domain can display content live from your website with us.