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Third-Party Name Server Tutorials

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the "phone book" for networks, with records that let your computer locate and be located by other devices. The most common DNS records you will be concerned with are for your name servers, which make an IP address answer back to your domain name. Other records you will encounter include A records, which point your domain to an IP address, MX records to direct mail for your domain, and CNAME records for directing one domain name to another. For more about DNS, see this article:

If you purchased your domain from HostGator, then you may manage it yourself online. Domains from other registrars must be managed through that registrar.

Note: HostGator cannot help you modify the DNS records at your third-party registrar. Please contact your domain registrar for further assistance in updating your name servers or other DNS records.

Changing Third-party Name Servers

The links below are to articles from HostGator's KnowledgeBase with instructions on how to manage your third-party domain. These instructions are up-to-date as of the day we posted them. However, as registrars frequently change their website, please expect variations from the instructions provided.