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symlink files

A symbolic link (also symlink or soft link) is a special type of code that contains a reference to another file or directory. So, it's like having a copy of the file in more than one folder, when actually you only have one copy of that file on your site.

Creating symlinks in Linux

You will need SSH (shell) access to your cPanel. Then enter the following commands, modified appropriately:

Note: These are examples only, and you will need to modify the command for your particular situation.

Jailed Shell via port 2222:

ln -s public_html/attachments/Image/_vti_cnf ./vti

Root Shell via port 22:

ln -s /home/user/public_html/attachments/Image/_vti_cnf /home/user/vti

This example makes it so when I access my user account and type cd vti, then I will take the shortcut to the public_html/attachments/Image/_vti_cnf folder.

Creating symlinks in Windows

You will have an icon in your Plesk panel called "Virtual Directories" (under the Files section where you find File Manager). Then click "Create Virtual Directory" at the top.

Alternatively, you can access the Command line tool and enter this command: {EXAMPLE ONLY}

C:\mklink /D C:\Test C:\Users\Jimmy\TestFolder\secret

Now if you look in the C:\Test directory, you'll see the files from the C:\Users\Jimmy\TestFolder\secret folder.