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Switching Between Pages

Looking for help for the GATOR Builder by HostGator Website Builder product? Please see GATOR's Knowledge Base.
This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

While working with your builder, you may decide to utilize multiple pages to create the look you are seeking. Ideally, most websites will have a(n)  “Home, About, Service and Contact” page(s) which is precisely what most every Gator theme will come with when you get started.

In this article, we will learn how to Switch Between the pre-design pages that come with your theme; which will also include the pages you create additionally. To learn more about managing pages check out: Working With Pages (VIDEO)

Switching Between Pages:

  1. To change between pages, select the Current Page drop-down from within the editor from the upper left-hand corner

    User-added image

  2. From the drop-down menu, choose the name of the page you would like to work on next.

    User-added image

  3. You should now see the page display within the Main Design Editor.

    You can also access the different pages from the Pages tab in the left-hand toolbar.

  4. Select the Pages option to reveal a slide menu containing your page names.

    User-added image

  5. From the slide menu, select the name of the page you would like to work on next.

    User-added image

  6. You should now see that page display within the main design editor.

    And that’s it! Repeat the steps to move to another page and make your changes.

Pro Tip: Before moving to another page, we recommend always making sure to hit “SAVE” at the top right-hand corner of the design dashboard. You can also “Publish” your site if you would like to check your changes live on the web.