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Supported Domain Extensions


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It's no secret that the internet is a vast expanse packed full of content and images. Domains and extensions known as TLDs are used to organize separate parts of the web into single pathways. 

This article will cover what domain extensions are and which ones are supported by Gator.

What is a TLD?

A TLD is a top-level domain that is the highest level in the Hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. The top-level domain names are the final entry point of a user’s request for information. There are many types of TLDs, known as “extensions,” that give you the same access to the internet yet offer different entry points. 

Represents “Commercial,” which conveys the type of content that's published.
Anyone can purchase any available .com domain and display their commercial material. 
Provides the same access to the internet but could refer to a “Network,” or internal conglomerate.
Anyone can purchase any available .net domain and display their network's content or commercial material.
Provides the same access to the internet but would be reserved for Governmental Works.
Only specified people can own and maintain these kinds of domains. 
Is a different domain extension called a gTLD or “Generic Top-Level Domain” that allows you your own form of specificity and can pertain to anything the owner chooses.
Anyone can purchase these new types of domains, but not all of them are available with every registrar you use due to many factors.

What Extensions does Gator support?

With your Gator account, you can connect your website to any of the custom domain name extensions listed below:

.bid, .biz, .blue, .buzz, .build, .bz, .ca, .cc, .club, .cn.com, .co.nz, .co.uk, .com, .dance, .democrat, .eu, .futbol, .immobilien, .in, .in.net, .info, .kim, .la, .me, .me.uk, .menu, .mn, .mobi, .name, .net, .ninja, .online, .org, .org.uk, .pink, .pw, .red, .reviews, .shiksha, .site, .social, .sx, .trade, .tv, .uno, .us, .webcam, .website, .wiki, .ws, .xyz

If you have any questions about support domain name extensions, feel free to reach out to our support team at support@Gator.com.