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Store On-boarding Flow

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This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

To Get Started with your Express Editor Store

  1. Begin by launching your website editor by choosing Edit Site from your main Control Panel.

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  2. Once you have Added a Store to Express Editor, you will see the store section appear within your editor.

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  3. From the store section, press the Settings gear to begin the store onboarding.  

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  4. From here you will see two info cards: Add your First Product and Review Store Settings which detail your progress:

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    Select the Add your first product option to begin the store on-boarding process and work through the info cards that appear.
    For more assistance with this process, you can check out: Getting Started with eCommerce Store
  5. Once you have completed the two main info cards, you will be greeted with this Success message:

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Your store will now be set-up with your business information and your first product will appear from within the store section you created.

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