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FormMail - Making a Mail Form on the Website

OH SNAP! This article has been deprecated.

The form mail code is no longer supported, nor is it compatible with any HostGator hosting plan. Check out Constant Contact as a solution to capture information and use it as a marketing solution.

Updating the Existing Mail Form

The options for how to accomplish this depend on the server on which your site is hosted on. Please check the section appropriate to your hosting type:

Linux Servers

HostGator recommends using our approved FormMail script for users on Linux servers. This has been tested thoroughly in our hosting environment, and using this version of FormMail ensures that you will not be held accountable for any exploits or issues resulting from its use.

Instructions and a tutorial for modifying our default FormMail script can be found here:

Windows Servers

HostGator's FormMail script is not compatible with Windows servers. The same functionality will require coding to use CDOSYS to send a script with SMTP credentials via an email address on your server.

Example Authenticating Email Script

Click to expand the example code for use on Windows Servers.

To use a script to send an authenticated email, first create an email account to use to send using the following article:

Next, you may modify one of the following scripts to send email using the email address you have created depending on your preferred coding language:


Third-Party FormMail Scripts

If you have a customized FormMail script you wish to use, such as one created with a third-party generator, please make sure that it complies with our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

Note: HostGator cannot support third-party scripts. If you need assistance with unique scripting requirements, site customization, or website design, please contact our HostGator Design Services for a quote.