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Social Widgets in BaseKit


As of June 19, 2013, BaseKit is unavailable on new Shared (SW) accounts; however, WordPress is an excellent alternative to this builder. The instructions on how to install WordPress are discussed in the article: How to Install WordPress With Softaculous.

Part 12 of 14 of the BaseKit Getting Started Guide

These widgets can all be found in the Social section of the widget tab. The Social Widgets allow you to stay connected through social media and drive more traffic to your site.

You can use these widgets to do a variety of things, from showing Twitter, Flickr and RSS feeds on your page, to allowing your visitors to share your page on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

The following video will give you an overview of what you can do with social widgets.

BaseKit Social Widgets Use the social widgets to add the following to your website:

  • any Twitter Feed which shows a user's latest tweets (i.e. Twitter posts)
  • an RSS Feed which will show articles, posts or information from another website or web service.
  • Flickr Image Gallery which will show pictures and images from a Flickr account.
  • A Social Bookmarks widget, which is a group of icons linking to the most popular social media sites, so that visitors can share your page with their friends and followers.
  • a "Tweet This" link that allows visitors to share your page with their Twitter followers.
  • a "Facebook Like" link which allows visitors to like your page on Facebook and share it with their friends.

All the above widgets are customizable, simply click on the gear to access the settings bar.

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