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Site Statistics App

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This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

Knowing what kind of reception your website is receiving is essential to the longevity of your online project. With your Gator website builder, you can internally review different kinds of analytical information like your total page views, site bounce rate, and user visit duration.

In this article, we will elaborate on the importance of these stats as well as how to get started with your Site Statistics Add-on from your upgraded Gator account.


First, What is the Site Statistics Tool?

Think of the Site Stats App as your virtual traffic tracking companion. Once you upgrade your account to include this add-on, you will instantly gain insight into detailed and invaluable information!

What about Free Accounts?:

Don't sweat! Even with Free Accounts, you will have access to some basic stats about your site that are always visible from your account dashboard when you first log in.

  1. Look for the Overview section under My Sites and click the (?) for more information about those criteria.

    User-added image

From the Overview, you can see the Last 30 days worth of basic statistical information available. This information includes Number of Visitors, Page Views, and Bounce Rate; all of which gives you a simplified idea of your previous months traffic.

Need More?:

You can always Upgrade Your Account at any time from a free account to a paid one.

Doing so will give you access to some important features that will allow you to see all the information contained within the Stats tool when editing within your builder. Continue reading to find out what other features come with an upgraded Gator account.

To see Upgraded stats:

  1. Log into your HostGator account and select the Edit Site button below your website preview.

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  2. Open your Website Builder and Search for Stats in the left-hand toolbar.

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  3. Select Stats and a new screen will load with all the visible elements stacked by categories.

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From here, you can review:

  • Unique Visitors: The number of visitors (typically new) that have visited your site.
  • Total Visits: The number of visitors (whether new or repeat) that have visited your site.
  • Page Views: The number of visitors (whether new or repeat) that have visited a specific page on your site.
  • Bounce Rate: The number of visitors (typically new) that have visited your site and left rather than viewing other pages.
  • Avg Visit Duration: The average amount of time visitors spend on viewing your site. (Average Session time)

Continuing down the Site Statistics Screen you can see:

  • Statistics: Represented by Line Graph which you can adjust from Hour, Day or Week.
  • Visitors Map: Which displays the number and location of Unique visitors geographically.

    User-added image

  • Page statistics: Is a Line Item display of the Total Individual Page Views.
  • Traffic Sources: Displays where visitors were directed to your site from. Such as "Direct" which means they typed in the URL directly into their address bar.
  • Regional Statistics: Is a line item display of the Total Number of Individuals Viewers and their Country of origin.

    User-added image

  • New vs Returning: A graph containing the percentage (%) of New visitors versus old visitors who have cached your website previously.
  • Languages: Displays the number and typer of language your website was requested in.
  • Devices: The Number and Type of different devices that were used to request your site.
  • Browsers: The browsers that were used to request your site.

    User-added image

All of this information combines to give you a detailed breakdown of WHO is coming to your site, WHEN  are they doing so, WHAT are they doing on your site and even WHICH device they are viewing your site from.

Pro Tip: If all this information seems like a lot to digest, no worries, it definitely is. Rest assured, Developers, Marketers and Troubleshooters alike will all use this type of information to inspire action or to provide helpful insight into some common pain-points that occur with having a website. Be sure to reach out to us if you need assistance making sense of these tools.