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Should I Pick WHM/cPanel or Plesk?

Each web hosting package comes with a set control panel, and you cannot pick which one(s) are available. It is actually better to decide what type of hosting you need rather than which control panel; and that should be decided based on the needs of your website.

The two web hosting control panels we currently offer are WHM/cPanel and Plesk 11. (WHM/cPanel are listed together since they work together, although technically they could be considered separate control panels.) Linux hosting will have WHM/cPanel and Windows hosting will have Plesk.

Both control panel systems allow you to configure your website, view statistics, configure email accounts, view the files you uploaded to the server, etc. They key difference is how each is organized. The makers of WHM/cPanel and the makers of Plesk have taken different approaches to organizing their control panel.

WHM / cPanelcPanel

The cPanel control panel is very popular and is organized so that most functionality is available via icons on the cPanel home page. For many people, this arrangement makes it easy to locate what they want to do since almost everything is on one page.

cPanel is available on all of our Linux hosting plans, including Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS and Linux Dedicated Servers.

You can check out demos of cPanel and WHM here:


WHM is the control panel for administrating a server, and allows you to create and manage cPanels and set certain global settings that apply to all the accounts, or the server.

WHM is included on all Linux hosting plans, except Shared Hosting. WHM allows resellers to create and configure accounts for new customers, and allows VPS and Dedicated Servers to change server settings.

Note: Dedicated and VPS users will have more options in WHM since those plans include root access.

Plesk 11Plesk

Plesk 11 from Parallels is the control panel we offer on Windows hosting accounts. Unlike cPanel, Plesk is organized into sections with different functions on different pages.

Plesk 11 is available on Windows Dedicated Servers and Windows Shared hosting.