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Setting your Time Zone for Appointments

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By default, your Booking tool will be set to match the local time during tool set up, but if you have a location that is outside of it, you may wish to change the settings to match the specific location. Setting a time zone in your booking tool that reflects your business’s local time is valuable for your clients to select an accurate appointment or service with you. For example, when you book a hotel, flight, or restaurant table somewhere outside of your local area, it would be easiest to see when their schedule and appointments are since that is where you will be when you are fulfilling your request!
  1. To set your time zone, begin within your Bookings tool.
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  2. Next, select the Settings tab on the upper right.
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  3. Within the Bookable Hours area, click the Set Default Hours button.
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  4. In the window that appears, on the upper right corner, you will see a drop-down menu with various options for time zones.
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  5. Once you have selected your desired time zone, click Save on the bottom right of the window to apply this to your tool.
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    Congrats! You have now updated the timezone for your booking tool!