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Setting up Google My Business

This article covers the steps to set up and manage Google My Business from within your account.

Google My Business is a program that helps small business owners and solopreneurs get found online by google directing traffic to websites, directions, calls, appointments, reviews, and social media.  

Think of it as Google’s version of Yelp, but it gets mixed into all the search results and ads that Google serves up to people looking for goods and services locally. 

This is not meant for large big box stores or retail brands (even though they are all listed).  

Basically, you tell google all this information about your business, and they make sure people find it. To enable and use Google My Business, you will need a few things to get started.

To activate Google My Business from within your account, you will need the following:

  1. A Gsuite Business or Gmail account
  2. A published website
  3. A domain connected to their website
  4. A US or Canadian business address

Setting up your Google business listing

Once you have these requirements, you will be able to begin setting up your Google My Business from your account Home.
  1. To begin, locate the Google My Business card at the bottom of the screen and click Get your business listed
    Click Get your business listed
  1. The next page to load will give you a brief info about Google My Business, where you will want to click Get Listed to proceed with set up. 
    Click Get Listed to proceed
  1. Next, follow the prompt to connect your Gsuite or Gmail email account and choose Connect Account
    Connect your Gsuite or Gmail account
  1. You will then be prompted to log in or choose which email you would like associated with as the business manager. You will need to Agree and Allow access to link your email to the Google business listing service. 
    Log in prompt - Agree and allow
  1. On the following screen, you will be prompted to connect an existing location that has been previously created with your email or to Create New Listing
    Connect an existing location
  1. Once you’ve chosen to create a new listing you will begin by filling out your business’s name when clicking Add Name
    Add in your business name
  1. Fill out your business name then choose Continue
    Fill out your business name then choose Continue
  1. Next, enter the category your business operates in and click Continue
    Enter the category your business operates
  1. On the next page, you will want to select the type of business location you operate out of. Do you have a store for people to visit, do you service a specific area, or do you have both? You will want to select the type that best reflects your business. 
    Type of business location
  1.  Next, enter your business’s address and/or the Location(s) of your service. 
    Enter business address and location of your service
    List the areas of your service
  2. Finally, enter the business’s Phone Number with no dashes or spaces and the Website (not required). 
    Enter Business Phone number

    Once your business information is submitted you will then be taken through Google’s business verification system and process. They will prompt you to verify with a text code, phone call, email, or postcard mail. For more information about verification, you can refer to Google’s help article HereClick Verify ListingVerify your listingCompleted Setup page
Congrats! You have now completed the setup process and you will now be able to start managing posts and interacting with your customers!