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Service Plans and Subscriptions in Plesk


Service plans allow you to divide your server's resources into smaller parts and describe what resources may be assigned to a subscription. A subscription is a collection of actual resources assigned to a customer account.

Default Subscription

The default subscription for your new account allocates all the server's resources to a single website. If you were to keep using the default subscription for this account, you would not be able to distribute any resources to other accounts.

Since you can only ever have one IP address on a subscription, you will need to be able to create more than one subscription if you want to be able to have a secured site on the server. Therefore, we will need to create a new service plan that does not allocate all resources on the server to a single subscription.

Note: You must assign an "exclusive" IP address to any subscriptions you want to secure in this way; so you should also ensure that you have enough IP addresses.

Types of Service Plans in Plesk

There are three types of service plans in Plesk:

  • Hosting Plans - either complete website packages or "add-on" packages
  • Reseller Plans - resources a reseller may allocate to Hosting Plans
  • Additional Services - custom buttons added to a customer's control panel

Customer and Business Manager (CBM)

In the interest of simplicity, we will focus exclusively on Hosting Plans for now. If you have installed Customer and Business Manager, several new Hosting Plans will already be installed for your use, and you may choose to use one of those instead.

If you need to create a new Hosting Plan with CBM installed, you will need to do it through the CBM portal, and you should not follow this guide to do so.

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