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SEO Gears Keywords

Are you looking for a DIY SEO solution? Check out the HostGator SEO Tools as it has replaced SEO Gears. 


SEO Gears Keywords Toolbar

Available with SEO Gears Advanced & Professional.

Keywords unlock the many opportunities for SEO. Both Content and Links revolve around the use of keywords. Making use of a solid list of keywords will give focus to content creation and link building. For more information about why keywords are so important to your SEO rankings, please see our What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? article.

Keyword Tools

These keywords tools, for Advanced and Professional SEO Gears users, will help you to build strong keywords and keep track of their rankings.

  • Discover Keywords - Running this tool returns a list of keywords sorted by the highest relevance score (higher is better). Keywords you already have in your Keyword List will have a green checkmark.
  • Add Keywords - Use this tool to manually add your own keywords to your Keyword List.

Keyword List

Adding keywords through the Keyword Tools will create a keyword list. The Keyword List will allow you to keep your keywords organized, safe and sound in one place, so you can quickly refer back to them when you are creating and optimizing content and building links.

For more information on this keyword list and your Keyword Ranking Reports, please see our article regarding SEO Gears Keyword Ranking Reports

Some of this data is gathered from third-party data providers, so it can take up to 24 hours for all the data to populate the keyword list.
JumpStart Users - You will not have these keyword tools. If you would like to upgrade your account from JumpStart, please see our upgrade instructions here:

If you are unsure how to access your SEO Gears tool or need a good starting place, please refer to our article on: