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SEO Gears DIY (Do It Yourself)

Are you looking for a DIY SEO solution? Check out the HostGator SEO Tools as it has replaced SEO Gears. 


SEO Gears DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is a service that provides search engine optimization (SEO) tools that bring real results. If you have the time and desire to optimize your site, SEO Gears DIY will provide you with industry-standard tools to get the SEO rankings you want.

SEO Gears DIY is currently available to our Shared hosting customers in cPanel.

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SEO Gears Eligibility

At this time, SEO Gears is only available for customers hosting on HostGator's Hatchling, Baby, and Business packages, not including our Cloud versions of these packages.

SEO Gears Pricing

 SEO Gears
$14.99 / yr
SEO Gears
$49.99 / yr
SEO Gears
$99.99 / yr
SEO e-Book
Site Submission
Rapid Indexing
Number of Domains Supported1510
Head to Head Reports
(per month)
Site Check Up Reports
(per month)
Keyword Ranking Reports
(per month)
Number of Keywords Supported350100

Ordering SEO Gears

Please click the link below to expand instructions for ordering SEO Gears directly from an eligible cPanel.

To order SEO Gears:

  1. Log in to the cPanel.
  2. Click the SEO Gears icon in the Special Offers section.

    cPanel - SEO Gears
  3. Select the tab for the SEO Gears plan you wish to purchase, then click the Get Started button Today.
  4. Log in to the Customer Portal using your username and password.

    cPanel - SEO Gears - Billing Login

  5. Select the domain you wish to purchase the service for and ensure that the correct plan is selected, then click Continue.
  6. Agree to the SEO Gears Terms of Service, then click the Activate button to complete your order.

SEO Gears Jumpstart

SEO Gears Jumpstart has everything you need to begin learning how to get the SEO results you want.

  • SEO e-Book - The SEO e-Book provides you with a thorough introduction to SEO as well as the know-how to start implementing SEO yourself. The e-Book includes sections covering keywords, content, links, social, internet marketing, and more.
  • Site Submission and Rapid Indexing - The SEO Gears Rapid Indexing services help you get listed in Google and the Bing Network within days, not months. These major search engines cover approximately 85% of all search traffic. Once indexed with these major search engines, other search engines will automatically pick up your sites as well.
  • Head-to-Head Competitive Analysis Report - Understanding why the competition ranks higher than you for a given keyword can be very enlightening. This report will show a head-to-head comparison of critical ranking criteria that will help you improve your rankings.

SEO Gears Advanced and Professional

SEO Gears Advanced and Professional have a 4 step SEO process that takes away the intimidation of SEO and walks you through each aspect, step by step. With simple-to-use tools, you will find it easy to improve rankings and results.

SEO Gears Advanced and Professional include all of the Jumpstart features as well as those listed below.
4 Tools to Better Rankings
  1. Links - Links are a major factor in driving rankings for your website. SEO Gears' link-building tools help you to find opportunities to get links that will improve your rankings. SEO Gears includes tools for discovering potential sites to link to and seeing the top links coming to your site and related sites.
  2. Content - Your content gives search engines the information they need to rank your site for targeted keywords. SEO Gears' tools help you to optimize your site pages to improve your rankings. The SEO Gears content optimization tool analyzes the content of your website and identifies what you can do to improve the keyword optimization for specific pages.
  3. Keywords - Find the keywords your customers and competitors are using. With these keywords, you can optimize your site and SEO efforts to bring in the most traffic. The SEO Gears system will help you discover keywords used by your site and other related sites to help you focus your SEO strategy. Your keyword list becomes the foundation for optimizing content and getting links.
  4. Social - The world of social networks and social media are a new influential factor in search engine optimization and cannot be ignored. Is your website social? Making sure your website is connected to your social media accounts can help you get more traffic and better rankings. SEO Gears provides tools for easily connecting to popular social media sites.
Additional Reports

SEO Gears Advanced and Professional have additional reports to keep you up to date with your SEO rankings.

  • Head-to-Head Competitive Analysis Report - Just as with Jumpstart, this report will show a head-to-head comparison of critical ranking criteria that will help you improve your rankings. However, with the ability to run reports 50 times per month for one domain with Advanced and unlimited reports for three domains with Professional, you will have the edge you need to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Site Check Up Reports - This report complements the 4 steps to better rankings, giving your site an SEO score (0-100) while breaking down what could be improved regarding your keywords, links, content, and authority.
  • Keyword Ranking Reports - This report will take your selected keywords and show your progress as you climb the top 100 rankings of each particular keyword. Having strong keywords and ranking high on search results for those keywords is essential to SEO. With keyword ranking reports, you can spend less time trying to figure out where your rankings stand and more time working to improve them.