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SEO Gears Content

Are you looking for a DIY SEO solution? Check out the HostGator SEO Tools as it has replaced SEO Gears. 


SEO Gear Content Toolbar

Available with SEO Gears Advanced & Professional.

Content provides a great competitive advantage in SEO because creating content takes work and creativity. Your competitors can't simply copy, program, or fake content, they must create their own. The Content tools, for Advanced and Professional SEO Gears users, will help you to check your content to make sure it is readable, unique, and fresh.

Content Tools

Make sure you have added keywords using the keyword tools before beginning using these content tools.

  • Analyze Content - Use this tool to analyze the content of a page towards the relevance of selected keywords. The results will be seen in the Content Pages section.
  • Website Validator - Running this tool will show a list of any HTML errors, obsolete code, redundancies, and other HTML issues present on the URL provided. Having valid HTML code on pages is crucial for search engines to easily scan and index properly.

Content Pages

The content pages are a list of analyzed pages along with their results. As you can see in the picture below, your pending analysis will be listed at the top, and once completed, you will see the following fields populated:

  • Page - The page analyzed with full title and URL
  • Keyword - The keyword(s) being analyzed
  • KW Density - The keyword density of the page using the selected keyword(s)*
  • Title - Confirmation of whether the title fits the keyword(s)
  • H1 - Confirmation of whether the H1 (primary heading) matches the keyword(s)
  • Score - A score for your page based on the previous factors (higher is better)

*Keyword Density refers to the number of times a keyword is used versus the total amount of content on a page. Most search engines prefer a keyword density between 2-4%. For more information refer to the SEO e-Book provided with your SEO Gears account.

There will also be Options on the right to either remove the selected results from your list or to reanalyze the page again. To see what these analyses look like, see the picture below.

dashboard view
Click the image for a larger preview

JumpStart Users - You will not have these content tools. If you would like to upgrade your account from JumpStart, please see our upgrade instructions here:

If you are unsure how to access your SEO Gears tool or need a good starting place, please refer to our article on: