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Self-Help Widget

Looking for help for the GATOR Builder by HostGator Website Builder product? Please see GATOR's Knowledge Base.
This content only applies to those using GATOR Builder by HostGator.

When you run into roadblocks within your Gator account, there are several quick and convenient ways to get the answers you need. Aside from Phone Support and Chat, you can utilize the Self Help Widget inside of your website builder to easily access the Support Center. 

Here, you will see the top 5 knowledge base articles and be able to search articles by category, while also being able to take immediate action from within the editor. Continue reading to find out more about this feature of your account.

To access the Support Center

  1. Select the Help option from the top right-hand corner from any screen inside your website builder.

  2. Look for and Select the Support Center option, it will display a help widget.

    User-added image

    The widget will first display the 5 top searched articles related to the editor.

    User-added image

  3. You can then search for any other relevant topic to find available articles, and the widget will remain open while you perform any action within the website builder.

    Pro Tips: Clicking the "pop-out button" User-added image  will make the help widget, a floating widget so that you can drag the window anywhere on the screen you would like.

  4. The widget also has a “Show/Hide Categories” option. Clicking this will display all the available categories for knowledgebase articles.

Live Chat

The Live Chat button at the bottom of the widget will pop up a separate chat window where the user can enter in some basic information and begin to interact with a Customer Support Representative.