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Section Layouts in Store

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Overview of the Section Layouts in Express Editor

  1. The Express Editor contains 3 simple and advanced store sections for displaying products.

The layouts are as follows:

  • Grid View: This is the default section that is added to the store page. Items organized like a spreadsheet.
  • Horizontal View: Allows items to be stacked top to bottom down the page. 
  • No Images View: Includes the text and purchase path but no images.


User-added image
User-added image
User-added image

From the right-hand configurations, you can change these layouts and also filter down all products to a single category being displayed if you would like to showcase a specific product on a page.

User-added image

Multiple Store Sections

Store owners can choose to add more of or hide the landing page section that is automatically created when adding a store. You can also add a store section on every page of your site featuring a different category should you desire.

User-added image


Pro Tips: Some things to note when using categories:


If you have multiple categories and you are showing the categories from the store: 
  • Customers will see all products when they view the page.  
  • Customers see the level one category titles displayed by default. 
  • Customers do not see a link to all products unless they filter down into a category (this is different than the traditional editor.)
  • Customers must hover over the option to see the drop down for subcategories (this is the same as the traditional editor.)  

If you use the category filter and filter down to a single category for the store customer: 
  • Only the products in that category are seen when they view the page.
  • If you show categories, Customers see that category name.
  • Customers never see a link back to all products from this filtered view.
  • If there are subcategories,   “show category” is recommended.  If there are no subcategories,  enabling “show category” really isn’t necessary - the section title can be used to announce/define the category.