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Saving, Downloading and Previewing LogoMaker

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This content only applies to those using Gator Website Builder.

At any time you can save the design to your account, use the undo or redo buttons to edit changes, as well as preview how your logo will look in various applications.

Saving your Logo to your Editor

  • From the Top Navigation select Save:
User-added image
User-added image

Downloading your Logo

  • From the Top Navigation, select the Cloud icon with an arrow:

User-added image

  • This action will save a .zip file to your computer.
  • That file contains a high resolution, transparent .png version of the logo and a vector .svg version of the logo


User-added image

  • From here you can insert and show details of the logo, including hex #s and fonts.
  • You can also preview the logo on different areas to help you envision this brand on physical objects.