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Sale FAQs

Below is a collection of some of the most commonly asked questions regarding Hostgator sales and special promotions. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us via phone or chat.

  1. When can I expect my order to be filled? When will I get my account?

    We will send a welcome email when your order is fully processed. Due to the high volume of incoming orders during the sale, our delivery of new accounts may be somewhat delayed. Please remain patient as we diligently fulfill all orders as quickly as possible.

  2. I already have an account with Hostgator. Can I get a discount?

    Yes! Current customers are welcome to join in and take advantage of this great offer; however, the offer is only applicable to newly created hosting packages. That means the discount does not apply to extensions, renewals, or upgrades of existing hosting packages.

    Please note: Your existing hosting package cannot be canceled and transferred to a new package to receive the discount. If this occurs, you will be billed retroactively for the discounted amount.
  3. Am I upgrading, renew or extending my existing package with the discount?

    Unfortunately, the discount cannot be applied to renewals, upgrades, or extensions of existing hosting packages.

  4. Can I renew or extend my domain name with the promotional pricing?

    The discount offered for domain names only applies to newly purchased domain names. It cannot be applied to renewals or transfers.

  5. How long will this sale be available?

    For more details about the availability and duration of a particular sale or promotion, please click the appropriate link below:

  6. How can I apply the coupon to add a new package through my Customer Portal?

    The package must be ordered from our signup page to add a new package to an existing hosting account with the discount. You'll be prompted to provide your billing password to complete the order during signup. The new order will then be added to the appropriate billing account.

    If you have already signed up for a new package in your Customer Portal, you will need to contact us via phone or chat requesting that the coupon be applied to your newly purchased hosting package.

  7. Is the discount applicable for the lifetime of the package?

    The discount is only applicable to the first invoice. If you want to maximize your savings, you should order your new package for the longest billing cycle available on our signup page.

  8. When attempting to order a domain, I get the error: We could not process your card.

    We're sorry to hear you're having issues processing your order through our domain portal at https://www.hostgator.com/domains. Please contact us via phone or chat for assistance.

    Please note: You agree to our Domain Registration Agreement and Terms of Service by completing domain registration.
  9. Does the domain discount apply to transfers?

    The discount does not apply to transfers.

  10. Can I get more of a discount on bulk domain orders?

    We are unable to provide any additional discount beyond the current promotion. If you wish to purchase more domains than the cart will allow, please contact us via phone or chat with your request, and we will consider requests on a case-by-case basis.

  11. I get the error: Please contact us to add more packages to your account.

    Please contact us via phone or chat to address this issue.

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