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Rebooting a VPS Container in Virtuozzo (Legacy VPS)

Occasionally, restarting your container can be useful for installations or major configurations; however, it is not recommended that container restarts be performed frequently as this can cause more harm than good.

A virtual environment may be started up, restarted, suspended and shut down like an ordinary computer; accessible operations depend on the state of the virtual environment. For example, a running virtual environment cannot be started for obvious reasons.

To restart your container:

  1. Login to Virtuozzo.
  2. On the top bar click Restart Container.
  3. An information alert will be displayed once you request the restart.
  4. Click Details.
    • Note : This will bring up a popup window displaying the progress of your restart request
  5. Once the Task Status says Completed, your VPS will be back up and ready to go.