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Print Address Label


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Once you have your store all set up and you’re ready to sell products, one thing that may come to your attention is the need to print and add an address label to the items you need to ship. Your store now has the ability to assist with this!

This article will cover how-to go about accessing and printing your shipping labels from within your account. Be sure to add some products to your store and publish your site before printing a shipping label, as you will need to have an order waiting.
Pro Tip: Use this as a way to keep track of which orders still need to be fulfilled. Print labels for Items ready to ship and consider leaving the ones that need more time.

To Print a Shipping Label:

  1. First, begin in your store dashboard.
    Begin in the Store Dashboard
  2. Select Orders from the navigation on the left.
    Select Orders from the navigation on the left
  3. On this new page, click on the Order that you would like to create a label for.
    Click on the order that you would like to create a label on
  4. Here you will see your order details. Click on the Print Address Label button above the shippable items.
    Click on Print Address Label button
  5. In the pop-up window, confirm that the Delivery Address is correct and make any necessary changes. Select Continue to proceed.
    Confirm Delivery Address and select continue
  6. Next, confirm that the Return Address is correct, make any necessary changes, and select Print Label.
    Confirm Return Address and select Print Label
  7. You will now see a PDF open in a new tab or download to your computer with the necessary information needed to send out the order. From here, you can print it out on a sticker or parchment paper and affix it to a box or envelope.
    Print Shipping Label