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Posting Photos with Social Booster


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They say that an image is worth a thousand words, so what’s a better way to show your company or services off than with an image? Using Social Booster, you can save time by uploading images to more than one location at once and ensure that your messages across different channels are all the same without all the extra work!

If you still need to connect your Social Brand account, please follow the instructions in Connecting a Website with Social Booster.

Posting Photos

  1. Access Social Booster from the tab within your account.
    User-added image
  2. Click Create Post.
    SocialBooster - Creata Post
  3. You will then be given the option to select the social channels you would like to post and areas to fill in your post's content. All posts have a few essential standard components that they share:
    • Page(s) - This is required to enter what social channel pages the post will be sent to. You can pick multiple pages if you need to connect them.
    • Post text - It is capped out at 1,000 characters.
    • Image(s) - Instagram and Google My Business only support uploading one image per post at the time of release. Facebook supports up to ten photos, nine for LinkedIn and four for Twitter. 
  4. In the Click to add pages, choose what social channel pages the post will be sent to.
    SocialBooster - Click to add pages
  5. Add any text or links desired to the Write your Post area.
    SocialBooster - Write your post
  6. Hit Click to Upload image to begin selecting photos.
    SocialBooster - Click to upload image
  7. Select or create photos either from Project Creator or Project Library. Alternatively, you can use the Stock Photos or Upload Photos from your computer.
    • Project Library - When you hover over the images, it will provide icons that allow you to upload, edit, delete images, view the photo library, and add and edit Tags and Merch.
      SocialBooster - Image - Project Library
    • Project Creator - By navigating this tab, you can choose the content size you want to create.
      SocialBooster - Image - Project Creator
      • If you select one of the preselected sizes, the editor MFE will generate and allows you to start editing your new content.
      • If you select the custom size, you will get prompted to choose the size of the canvas.
    • Stock Photos - Select photos from the image library.

      Pro Tip: Hold down the Shift key while selecting your images to upload multiple images simultaneously.

      User-added image
    • Upload Photos -  Drag and drop the files or select a photo from your local computer. Alternatively, you can use the image link to enter the link.
  8. You will now see your selected image added to your post.
  9. Click the Next button on the lower left of the Create Post pop-up to preview the post.
    User-added image
  10. You can see how your post will appear when published on the Preview Post page. Click the tabs to switch between post views. Once you've confirmed your changes, choose to publish your post now or schedule it for a later date.

Schedule and Set Recurring Post

Scheduling a recurring post follows a similar workflow as scheduling a singular post. Once you have your post created, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click the Post Options drop-down on the Preview Post page and select Schedule Post.
    SocialBooster - Schedule Post
  2. Choose a date from the calendar to schedule your post.
    SocialBooster - Schedule Post Calendar
  3. To set recurring posts, click the Occurs drop-down and select Custom.
    SocialBooster - Schedule Post Custom
  4. Click the Advance Settings drop-down, and set the custom recurrence for the post.
    SocialBooster - Schedule Post Custom Advance Settings
  5. Click on Schedule Post to set to schedule the post to be published.
    SocialBooster - Schedule Post Custom Advance Settings

Editing, Clone, or Deleting a Post:

If you ever need to edit a saved draft or published post or delete it, you can do so from within the Social Booster dashboard.

  1. First, you will want to click the Posts menu at the left side of the page to see all saved drafts and published posts.
    SocialBooster - Posts Menu
  2. Click the three vertical dots menu on the bottom right of a post.
    SocialBooster - Posts 3 dots menu
  3. When the three vertical dots menu opens, you will see the options to Edit, Clone, or Delete a post.
    SocialBooster - Posts 3 dots options
  4. Select which one you would like to do with your post and continue working based on the instructions in the Posting Photos section.

Note: If you delete a post, it cannot be recovered, and any insights or data tied to it will be lost.