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Pointing Your Domain to SquareSpace

Many HostGator customers order service from SquareSpace to build and/or host their website.

SquareSpace does not use nameservers and requires their customers to have DNS hosting elsewhere, and to set up the DNS manually to point to SquareSpace. This article will show you how to point your HostGator domain name to a SquareSpace website.

This is a two step process. You will need to edit existing DNS zone records for your domain with the Advanced DNS Zone Editor in the Domains section of your cPanel.

  • In the examples below, replace example.com with the domain name you wish to redirect.
  • For the CNAME and A record(s), you will need to use values provided to you by SquareSpace. These are frequently different for each user and must be specific to your account.

Step One - Editing Your CNAME Entry

You almost certainly already have a CNAME entry set up in your domain's Zone File for www. You will edit this existing CNAME to direct traffic to ext-cust.squarespace.com.

  1. Log into your cPanel and open the Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

  2. Click to Edit the entry for www.example.com

  3. Replace the CNAME text with the CNAME provided by SquareSpace and click Edit Record.

  4. You will now see the entry with your domain name directing to ext.squarespace.com.


Step Two - Editing Your A Record(s)

This step will direct the A record for your domain to a SquareSpace IP. Before performing this step, you will need to be provided with that IP address by SquareSpace.

  1. In the Advanced DNS Zone Editor, select the A Record entry for your domain name.

  2. Edit the entry to point to the IP address provided by SquareSpace and click Edit Record.

  3. The entry will now show your domain name directing to SquareSpace's IP address.

  4. Since propagation of these change will take time, you may not be able to access your SquareSpace site immediately. Until the changes are propagated you may see a message similar to this one:

SquareSpace may provide you with up to 4 IP addresses. You can create multiple A records for your domain. First edit any existing records to match using the instructions above if you already have more than 1 A record. Then, if additional A records are required:

  1. In the Advanced DNS Zone Editor, navigate to the Add a Record Section:

  2. Enter the information for the A record you need to create and click the Add Record button.

After editing and adding the desired records from SquareSpace, if you have any additional records of the same Name that have differing Values from those provided by SquareSpace, you should remove them:

  1. In the Advanced DNS Zone Editor, select the excess record for your domain name:

  2. Click Delete.
  3. In the new section that appears, click the Delete button to confirm the removal of the

After completing all of your modifications there may be up to 8 hours of propagation before your site functions correctly.

You may also consult SquareSpace's support documentation for further information. The following link is for reference only and will open in a new tab. Please note that HostGator cannot offer direct support for the information provided below.