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Plesk 11.5 - Webmail

Many HostGator customers prefer to manage their email in a browser by using webmail, rather than having to use a mail client like Outlook.

All HostGator Windows packages include a free license of a webmail application. Those on a Windows Dedicated package before July 2019 or a Windows Shared hosting plan will have SmarterMail installed. Those on a new Windows Dedicated package after July 2019 will have MailEnable. Both of these robust webmail applications allows users and server administrators to access their web-based mail anytime and anywhere.

We recommend SmarterMail or MailEnable for webmail access on HostGator Windows accounts.

This article will describe how to configure and access webmail on your Plesk account:

Configuring SmarterMail for Webmail Access Accessing SmarterMail or MailEnable Webmail

Configuring SmarterMail for Webmail Access

Configuring Webmail Access - Server Administration Panel

HostGator customers with Windows Dedicated packages before July 2019 may need to set SmarterMail as their webmail service. If purchased after July 2019, the Windows Dedicated package should automatically have MailEnable configured. If you find that the webmail application needs to be set, use the following configuration steps for the server administration panel:

  1. Log into your Server Administration Panel
  2. Click Tools & Settings in the Navigation pane on the left.
  3. Click Webmail Services under the Mail heading.

  4. Check the box next to SmarterMail Web Client and click Enable.
  5. SmarterMail is now activated for all customers operating under this Administration Panel.

Configuring Webmail Access - Plesk Control Panel

HostGator customers using Windows Shared packages should have SmarterMail access by default. If for any reason this is not the case, you may activate it in your Control Panel:

  1. Log into your Plesk Control Panel.
  2. Under the Mail tab, select Change Settings
  3. In the Mail Settings panel, select SmarterMail Web Client from the dropdown box.
  4. Click OK to accept the change.

Accessing Webmail

With SmarterMail or MailEnable Webmail enabled, you have multiple methods to access and manage your account as webmail.

Direct Login to SmarterMail

SmarterMail allows users and server administrators to access their mail account by directly logging in, using one of the following URLs and the SmarterMail port number (9998).

If your domain is presently pointed to your HostGator server, you may use this URL:


Be sure to substitute your domain name for "domain" to log in to SmarterMail.

Example: If your domain is johnquincyadams.com you should enter johnquincyadams.com:9998

If your domain has not propagated yet, you can access SmarterMail with the following URL:


Be sure to substitute your server's IP address where it says "your.server.ip.address" in the above example.

Note: Your IP address is included in your HostGator Welcome Email.

You may also use the server name (also sent in your Welcome Email) to access SmarterMail, using this URL:

Note: This may not work by default on Windows Dedicated Servers unless your DNS record is correctly configured in Plesk. Please contact us via phone or Live Chat if you need assistance in setting up your DNS.

Access to SmarterMail/MailEnable Webmail via Plesk Control Panel

You can also access your webmail inside Plesk:

  1. Click on the Mail tab
  2. Click on the Webmail icon to the far right of the email address you want to access.

Direct Access to SmarterMail/MailEnable Webmail via your Domain Name

Once your domain has propagated, you can access your webmail by visiting:


Be sure to substitute your domain name where it says "domain.com" in the above example.

More information on managing webmail services is available from Parallel's online guide.