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Our PHP Modules

These modules are currently installed on all servers (Linux and Windows), except as indicated below.

If you are missing any of these modules, please contact us via phone or chat with the names of the modules.
Any modules NOT listed are either not compatible or not allowed on Shared or Reseller hosting.

VPS and Dedicated servers are less restrictive when requesting/applying modules.

PHP Modules

bcmath hash mime_magic Reflection wddx
calendar iconv mssql session xml
ctype imagick* mysql SimpleXML xmlreader
curl imap mysqli soap xmlrpc
date ionCube Loader openssl sockets xmlwrite
dom json pcre SourceGuardian xsl
exif* libxml PDO SPL zip
filter magickwand* pdo_mysql SQLite zlib
ftp mbstring pdo_sqlite standard
gd mcrypt** posix tidy
gettext mhash pspell tokenizer

*The modules exif, imagick, and magickwand are currently only available on Linux servers.

** The module mcrypt is only available on PHP 7.1 and older but has been deprecated. This module is not available for PHP 7.2 or greater. 

PHP Freetype support is implemented on our Shared servers.

Zend Modules

  • Zend Extension Manager
  • the ionCube PHP Loader


Where do I find the PHP modules installed on my VPS/Dedicated servers?

You can run the command below to view all the PHP modules installed on your server:

  • root@host [~]# php -m


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