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Payment Providers In Express Editor

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The Different Payment Methods:

  • Stripe: is a service which allows online stores to process major credit cards
  • PayPal: sends funds from a customer's account into your store's PayPal account, but can also let you accept credit card transaction
  • Cash on delivery or C.O.D.: lets customers skip paying until you physically deliver a customer's product to them in person

To set up one of the payment providers:

  1. Select the Manage Store tab in the right-hand menu from your main design dashboard.

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  2. From the Store Control Panel, select Settings then look for Payment Providers towards the bottom.

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  3. Select the Edit button to chose the payment provider you would like to activate and follow the prompts given to enter in your personal information.
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Once complete, you will then see the payment provider options for PayPal, Stripe, and cash on delivery, which can be enabled for your store by selecting it's respective activate button.

If you have already activated a payment provider, you can select edit to make changes to it.

Activating a Payment Provider:

To activate a payment option follow these steps:

  1. Select the Activate button over the option you would like to use.
  2. A pop-up will appear for you to enter your information to begin accepting payments.
  3. When you set up a payment option you can create a new account by entering your email or you can link to an existing account. Once activated you can manage payment options by clicking the Edit on your Payment Providers screen.
Note: Once you sell your first product via PayPal you will receive an email to set up your account through your new PayPal portal.

Once you've selected a payment provider, customers will be able to add products to their shopping cart and choose the option that you've selected, either PayPal or Stripe, and check out just like they're used to when shopping online.

Available Payment Options – By Country


Supported in all countries, in the following currencies: "AUD", "BRL", "CAD", "CZK", "DKK", "EUR", "HKD", "HUF", "ILS", "JPY", "MYR", "MXN", "NOK", "NZD", "PHP", "PLN", "GBP", "RUB", "SGD", "SEK", "CHF", "TWD", "THB", "USD"


Supported in all countries, in the following currencies:  "AU", "CA", "DK","FI", "FR", "IE",  "JP",  "NO", "SG", "ES", "SE", "GB", "US", "AT", "BE", "DE", "HK", "IT", "LU", "NL", "NZ", "PT", "CH", "BR", "MX"


Supported in countries, "NL", "BE", "LU," in the currency:  "EUR"


Supported in the country "BR," in the currency, "BRL."


Supported in the country "IN," in the currency, "INR."

Cash on Delivery:

Supported in all countries, in all currencies.