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Password Protecting Directories in Plesk


Plesk offers a variety of features and options for controlling, managing, and securing your site. One such security feature that is quite useful is the option to password protect a specific directory or folder.

To password-protect a directory:

  1. Log in to the Plesk administrative panel by going to:
    (Replace serverIP with your server IP address or server name)
  2. Choose Websites and Domains in the top navigation bar:

    Plesk Tabs

  3. Select Password-Protected Directories from the list of options.

    User-added image

  4. Select Add Protected Directory.

    Plesk - Add Protected Directory

  5. Provide the directory you wish to protect, then click OK.

    Plesk - Add Directory Name


    Directory name: This is the directory or the document root of the domain you wish to protect.

    Title of the protected area: This is the name you want to assign to your protected directory or folder.

    When creating a password-protected directory, you would need to use "/" to protect the whole directory or "/foldername" for the subfolder.
    For example, to protect example.com/admin, you would enter /admin for the Directory name.

  6. Once the directory is added, click your directory so you can set a user and password to access the directory.

    Plesk - Set Directory

    o you can set a user and password to access the directory
  7. Click Add a User.

    Plesk - Add a User

  8. Enter the username and confirm the password, then click OK.

    Plesk - Create a User

Success! The directory is now secured. When viewed in a browser, a password prompt will appear and will only allow users with access to view the contents of the directory.

Protected Directory

To remove your directory's protection:

  1. Put a checkmark on your directory.
  2. Click Remove Protection found at the top of the search bar.

    Plesk - Remove Protection

  3. Select Confirm removal, then click OK.

    Plesk - Confirm Remove Protection