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osCommerce Lost Password Fix

I forgot my admin password and cannot manage my osCommerce site anymore.

Here is the easiest way to reset the password for most people.

  1. Login to cPanel and click the phpMyAdmin icon. (In the X theme, you must click the MySQL Databases icon and scroll to the very bottom to find the phpMyAdmin link.)
  2. Look in the blue, left-hand menu for your osCommerce database name (typically _osc1). Click the name.
  3. Again, look in the blue, left-hand menu and click the table named administrators.
  4. Look in the white, main area at the top of a tab called Empty. Click it.
  5. You will be asked, "Do you really want to: TRUNCATE TABLE 'administrators' ?" Click OK.
  6. Now return to your osCommerce site and try to login to the admin area. The site will say that there is no user, so you can be the first.
  7. Enter the desired admin name and password into the login area and click the Login button.
  8. Nothing will seem to happen, but your site just accepted your submission as the new admin login. So, try to login with the same admin name and password you just typed in the previous step. It works!