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Online Security: SiteLock 2020 Annual Security Review


SiteLock has released its 2020 Annual Security Review; this article will show you what they protect you from.


Based on SiteLock's analysis of 7 million websites, we've determined the most prevalent security threats facing website owners this year. Understanding today's attack surface enables you to make educated and proactive decisions about your cybersecurity strategy and help prevent a security breach that could impact your visitors, reputation, or revenue.

SiteLock offers a comprehensive solution that can help prevent compromises and quickly recover if it does happen.

Threat Landscape

Every week, an average of 2,608 bots visit a site. 88% of these websites are infected with malware not blocked by search engines. That's nearly 9 in 10 websites missed by search engines.

HostGator SiteLock Threat Landscape

How often are sites attacked?

HostGator SiteLock Threat Landscape

What makes sites more vulnerable?

  • WordPress sites are three times as likely to have malware than non-CMS sites. 18% of WordPress sites have at least one vulnerability, including SQLICSRF, and XXS.
  • Plugins impact WordPress vulnerability at the following rates:

    HostGator SiteLock Threat Landscape

    This means that you nearly double the risk of getting compromised for every 5 plugins you add to your site. As a best practice, users should remove any plugins they are no longer using.

How successful are cyber attackers?

  • We estimate that 12.8 Million sites worldwide are infected with malware.
  • Nearly 1 out of every 100 of those sites could be infected with malware.

What is a high-risk site?

Websites deemed high-risk by our SiteLock Risk Score are 24x more likely to be infected by malware.

HostGator SiteLock What is a high-risk site?

What are the top threats to websites?

Websites infected with malware contained at least one of these top cyber threats:

HostGator SiteLock What are the top threats to websites?

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