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New Account Sign Up v2


Once you have selected a webhosting package and billing cycle, you will be presented with a checkout page. Below is a step-by-step walkthrough of the available options when making a purchase.

HostGator offers many different levels of hosting, but this tutorial is related to our Shared and Reseller packages. Reseller packages do not include the "Add Additional Services" steps. When signing up for a Dedicated or VPS package, the username step is omitted.

For additional information on choosing the right package, please see the following article:

Already a HostGator Customer?

You can easily add a new package to your existing HostGator account!


  1. Click the Sign In! button in the upper right of the blue bar:

  2. Enter the email address and password for your existing HostGator account.

    If you need to reset your password, just click the "I forgot my password" link and a reset link will be mailed to you.

    This will associate your new package with your current account and expedite your purchase through the initial order processing for new accounts.

    Each account is linked to one primary email address, which cannot be used for another account. Of course, you can host multiple packages in the same HostGator account.

Step One: Choosing a Domain

You may register a new domain for this package or choose to use one you already have.

  1. Click "Register a New Domain" to purchase a new domain with this hosting package. If you have a domain already which you'd like to use, click "I already own this domain".
  2. Type your chosen domain name in the field next to "Enter your domain" and click the dropdown menu to select .com, .net or whichever top level domain you'd like to use:

  3. Other possible domain names will be suggested. Check the box next to any domain name that you'd like to add to this order:

New domains will be registered for one year. The price is displayed next to each suggested domain name, and the price for each selection is automatically added to your total.

Step Two: Choose a Hosting Plan

Here you will select your package type, the billing cycle for your new package, and your username.

  1. Package Type: Click on the selection bar next to "Package Type" to select a plan:

  2. Billing Cycle: Select the billing cycle for this package:

    Note: Our SNAPPY coupon is automatically applied to your first invoice for a 20 percent discount. If you have another coupon code you may enter it later in your signup process.
  3. Username: Click in the provided field and enter your desired username:

    Your username needs to follow these guidelines:
    • Cannot contain capital letters.
    • Must start with a letter.
    • Must be two to eight characters long.
    • May not contain special characters/values.

    You will see all green check marks if the username is valid:

Step Three: Enter Your Billing Information

In this step you will enter your billing information and select the payment method for your new account.

Note: Using an email address that already exists for an account will prompt a 'Please Log In' tab instead.

Entering Your Billing Information

  1. Enter your information in the provided fields:

    You will be prompted to fill in any required fields you might skip or miss:

  2. The "Payment Type" can be set to either Credit Card or PayPal by clicking the appropriate radio button:

    Credit Cards

    If you choose to use a credit card, please enter the required information.

    Any card entered at this step will be set as the primary card on your account. You will be able to change card information (and add different cards) via your Customer Portal after your signup process is complete.


    You may choose PayPal as your payment method. You will be asked for your PayPal account information in a separate step after completing the signup process.

    Select PayPal as your payment option if you wish to sign up using an alternate payment method. However, note that your account cannot be activated until payment is verified or received.

    For more information on alternate payment methods, see this article from our Knowledge Base.

Step Four: Add Additional Services

HostGator offers several additional services to enhance and secure your hosting experience. A brief description and the price and billing cycle for that addon are displayed here. Check the box next to each service to select or deselect it:

Services offered include:

  • SiteLock - Helps secure your site. This article tells you more about SiteLock.
  • CodeGuard - Daily backups for quick recovery. For more information about CodeGuard, click this link.
  • SEOGears Jumpstart - Rapid search engine indexing and analysis. More SEOGears information is available here.

The price and term is displayed next to each item, and the price for each selected addon is automatically added to your total.

Step Five: Enter a Coupon Code

New packages automatically have our SNAPPY coupon applied for a 20 percent discount on your first invoice.

If you have another coupon code to use, enter it and click the Validate button. You will receive instant feedback on the validity of the code, the discount will be immediately applied to your hosting price and your total amount due will be adjusted accordingly.

Step Six: Review Order Details

At this stage you may review and modify your order before completing your purchase.

  1. You are able to review and adjust your selections before placing your order:

This panel will show the details for your order, including:

  • 24/7/365 Phone, Live Chat, Email Support (always free!)
  • Instant Account Activation.
  • HostGator's 45 day Money Back Guarantee! (see this article for details and conditions).
  • The hosting, addons and services you have selected.
  • Your subtotal, discount applied, tax and total amount due.

These figures will change in real time to reflect any modifications you make to your order.

Terms of Service and Check Out

In this final stage you will be able to read our terms of service and privacy policy before checking out.

  1. If you are satisfied with your selections, check the box to verify that you have read and agree to HostGator's terms of service and privacy policy:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require assistance with your signup!
  • Finally, click the Checkout Now! button to place your order!