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My office's firewall is blocking the port I need

With cPanel, you can bypass the typical port numbers, and access what you need via port 80 - the normal http port which is required to be open so you can browse websites.

Here are the ports that may be blocked:

cPanel login
port 2082 and 2083
WHM login
port 2086 and 2087
Webmail login
port 2095 and 2096

These ports cause problems for some owners, as they are uncommon ports and may be blocked by corporate and public firewalls, thus preventing access.

If you are unable to access your cPanel, WHM and webmail, you can likely access it using the following syntax:




NOTE: You must use HostGator nameservers (or nameservers which resolve to your HostGator server) in order to use these shortcuts. Otherwise, you will need to create A records for each subdomain (cpanel., whm. and webmail.) so they point to your HostGator server.