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My Google search results are wrong


Have you ever Googled your site and were surprised at the results? Is the old information you recently changed still showing in Google? If you have asked yourself these questions, you are not alone. When creating a website, you want to ensure you hit the correct audience and the right information is shown. In this article, we will address the following topics:


Obtaining different search results

Google offers tailored search results based on previous search data accessible via browser cookies. The most frequent cause of why your search results may differ from those of another person.

Here's why two users conducting the same keyword Google search in the same space could (and most likely will) obtain different results.

  • Location - Google makes an effort to locate users automatically and offer localized results based on their location. IP address and the My Location function of the Google Toolbar are the two bases for auto-location detection (if you use it). By utilizing a street address, users can also choose their desired location. Locations that are manually set are stored in a user's browser cookie.
  • Personalization - Based on previous searches, Google offers customized results. Google personalizes your results based on the browser history associated with your account when you are logged in to any of its services. For instance, if you frequently click on Amazon's links in your search results, Google will start to display more Amazon links at higher positions in your search results as a result of that preference.
  • Data Center - One of Google's many data centers does a keyword search based on the user's location. Although Google doesn't disclose its actual data center count, there are at least three dozen documented data centers (and probably many more) spread out over the globe.

Why a search does not give the expected results

Google offers a variety of unique features in its search results. Some, like site links, search boxes, or job listings, require active activation. However, others, like featured snippets, are applied by Google automatically without any input from the website owner. This can result in two searches using precisely the same search terms yielding different results, even when performed back to back.

The website is showing, but the site info is wrong

Because Google hasn't re-crawled and re-indexed your site before these changes, recent modifications to your site may not be showing up in Google search results. HostGator has no control over how quickly this can occur, but it typically takes time.

By submitting your website to Google Search Console and requesting a re-index, you may ask Google to display the most recent information on your site.

This applies to all updates that render information on Google out-of-date, such as:

  • No new content is showing
  • Edits to the content and title are not showing
  • Changes to the search engine and page descriptions are not showing
  • Displaying pages with disabled or hidden content

Resources to better understand Google search results

The information below may help you better understand this and other factors in your Google search results.

Note: The following articles are for reference only and will open in new tabs. Please note that HostGator cannot offer direct support for the information provided below.

Visit the articles from Google to learn more about how the process works and gives some valuable options to manage better your site's relationship with Google's system: