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Migrate Contacts and Calendars to Microsoft 365

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When you sign up for your Microsoft 365 (Formerly Office 365) subscription, your existing contacts, and calendars will have to be imported from your current email client. If you are using one of the webmail clients that HostGator offers, the steps below will walk you through how to export them and then how to import them into Microsoft 365.

Exporting from Roundcube


Roundcube address books are exported as a .vcf file. However, Microsoft 365 does not support the import of .vcf files. So, you will have to convert them to a .csv file once you export them.

  1. Login to the Roundcube webmail client.
  2. Select Contacts on the top right-hand side.

    HostGator Roundcube Contacts Button

  3. Click on the down arrow next to Export.

    HostGator Roundcube Export

  4. Select Export All from the drop-down.

    HostGator Roundcube Export Options

  5. Once you convert the VCF to a CSV file, you can follow the steps below for Importing contacts to Microsoft 365.


  1. Login to the Roundcube webmail client.
  2. Select Calendar on the upper-right side.

    Calendar Tab

  3. Click on Export on the upper-left side.

    Export button

  4. Select the calendar and the event(s) that you are exporting. You can also choose to export the attachments of your events.

    Calendar Events

  5. Click on the Export button. Your calendar will be exported as a .ics file. 

Importing to Microsoft 365


  1. Login to your Microsoft O365 account and select the People App.
  2. To import the .csv contact file, the option for Try the new Outlook will need to be toggled:

    Try New Outlook Toggle (Off)

  3. Select Manage, then Import Contacts, Browse, and import your contact list .csv file.


  1. Login to Microsoft 365 and select the Calendar App.
  2. On the left select Import Calendar, then choose the option From File.
  3. Hit Browse to find your .ics file, then select Import.

Wait for uploads to complete. Once finished, your webmail content should show up in your Microsoft 365 App.