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Managing Store Settings


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This content only applies to those using Gator Website Builder.

Once you have set up your store in your Gator website builder, you may need to adjust a few settings before you can begin selling. Aside from shipping and payment details, you may need to set up some tax information or add a Privacy Policy to your Checkouts. These things are common and essential to all eCommerce style websites.

In this article, we will cover the different adjustments you can make to your store by Managing Store Settings. We will also take a look at the individual settings themselves to help clarify the available options.

Accessing Store Settings:

Once you’ve filled your new store with products, you can customize the settings of your store by doing the following:

  1. Select the Store tab in the left-hand menu from your main account dashboard and click Manage Products & Orders.

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Main Settings:

  1. Select the Settings tab in the left-hand menu.

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Here you can see General settings where you can edit:


Update the general information about your store, including your Company Name, Address, PhoneTax ID, and Currency type. 


If you choose to enable shipping as an option for your products, you can customize the shipping costs and even set a minimum purchase amount to enable free shipping.

You also have the option to set up Integrated Shipping by following these instructions here: Integrated Shipping

A pop-up will appear where you can begin setting up shipping costs for the first product in the customer's cart, as well as each additional item.

You can also provide free shipping when the customer purchase exceeds a specific amount.

New Order Email:

The email address is notified when a new order is placed.


The Tax tab allows you to set up this necessary function so that you can accurately account for taxes based off of location.

Click the Slider to Enable Taxes to start displaying tax values in your shop, or you can choose to disable this view.

You can also checkout Calculate Taxes In Your Store for more information on setting up Taxes.

Payment Providers:

Payment Providers can be enabled to capture payments during your store's checkout process. The list of Payment Providers depends on your store's location and the currency you configured.

Advanced Settings:

1. Select the ADVANCED tab in the left-hand menu.

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From here you can edit:

Order Formatting:

Set the units of measurement in regards to inches to centimeters or pounds to grams. 


Allows you to create and display things like a full Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, a Privacy Policy, Refund and Cancellation Policies, and more.

You can choose to display or hide your notifications as needed by selecting the ADD/EDIT button.


Tracking is an advanced feature used to track checkout conversion rates for use with marketing campaigns. You can enter scripts into each page of the checkout flow. These scripts may come from Google Analytics, Facebook, or Instagram, for example. Results appear in the program used to create the text.


Here, you can edit the information and design of the message that appears within the emails that your customers will receive when they place an order. You can change the Customer Support, Order Confirmation, Cancellation, and Shipping email and easily upload your logo, theme color, and language type.

Integrated Shipping: 

Shipping Address: Your shipping address will be used to calculate shipping charges for your customer.

Integrated Shipping: Fulfill all your orders quickly & easily and while giving customers more options.