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Managing Multiple Packages

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With the release of Integrated Shipping, you can now manage orders based off of line item status. What this means for store owners is that each item in an order can be broken down and processed separately meaning a store owner can split up an order into multiple packages if necessary.

In this article, we will take a look at how orders are broken down and what you can do to process separate orders into different package types.

Processing an order:

From the order details screen, when you click on order within your store, you will see:

  1. The items of the purchase order are broken down into a line item grid which will have checkboxes that allow you to process items separately or all together. 
  2. You can also Print Address Label or Create a Shipping Label from this screen.
  3. You will also see a Progress drop-down to the top-right of the order details. You can change this to CompleteIn Progress or Cancelled

​​​​​User-added image

Managing Multiple Products:

  1. Once you have an item to ship, select the check box to the left of that line-item and begin to make your selections.

    User-added image

  2. Once you create a shipping label, the line status will automatically change from In Progress to Complete. A pop up will appear to trigger the customer email, and the tracking information will appear automatically.

Pro Tip: If you are running behind on an item or maybe an item goes Out of Stock, this feature can be used to manage and ship items that are in stock or would require less handle time.