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Managing DNS


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DNS, also known as the Domain Name System, is a set of text records assigned to a domain name to give it direction. With DNS, you can choose where to point your domain name for things like email and website services.

In this article, we will discuss how to change the domain name system on your domain name.

To change your DNS from within your account:

  1. Log in to your Gator account and select Domains from the left-hand menu to verify a domain.
  2. On the Domains page, select the Domain Name you would like to manage.
    Select the domain
  3. At the top of the page, click DNS Management.
    At the top of the page click DNS Management
  4. Select the three vertical dots menu  located to the right of the record you need to manage, then select Edit.
    Select the three vertical dots menu, select Edit
  5. Enter the appropriate information to resolve the respective records you need.
    Enter the appropriate information to resolve the respective records you need
  6. When you are finished, click Edit DNS record to save your changes.
    Edit DNS record
    Confirmation statement that the DNS Records were updated

    Pro Tip: You may need to re-publish your website and clear your cache and cookies after making this change. You may also need to allow a standard propagation time of 24-48 hours for this to resolve across the internet.