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Making Posts with Social Booster

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According to some research by SEO experts for local businesses, posts are viewed and engaged with more than direct or branded traffic links when people are looking for goods and services in competitive industries. Regular posting to your Google My Business local listing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn account will increase your local search result’s position. As a result,  you can drive your customers to where you want them to go by marketing directly on Google’s pages.

Types of Posts:

With Google My Business, you will be able to create 3 types of posts depending on the information you are looking to provide to your customers:

  1. What’s New
These are generic or information-sharing types of posts that will give your followers or prospective customers information about your business. You will be able to add a picture, text, and the option for a Call To Action button with a link attached. These posts are a great way to wish your customers a happy holiday, an update on business hours, or a new location you will be opening soon!
  1. Events
Event posts are to advertise an event hosted at your location for a specific date and time that you want your clients or potential visitors to find. With the event-type posts, you can add the event title and picture with the start and end dates, options for start and end times, details, and descriptions, with a call to action button with a link. Using an event post, you can let others on the web know about a car show being hosted at your location, a family fair or holiday event, as well as especially instructor or visitor meet and greets hosted through your business.
  1. Offers
An offer post will advertise to current and potential customers about a coupon or sale they are hosting for goods and services either online or in person. With an offer post, you can add the offer title/name, a picture, the date and times it’s available, and any details or summary you wish about the deal itself. In addition, there are also areas to guide your visitors for a better experience by including a coupon code (if desired), a link to where it can be redeemed, and any terms and conditions you would like to outline about the promo. These offer posts are a means to document your sales or promos provided to the public over time and track to see which ones perform better, as well as ensure that you’re not using the same code twice!

Creating a Post:

  1. To create a post, you will want to start within your account Home and from the left navigation, choose Social Booster.
  2. Click on Connect Social Booster from your selected website.manage-social-booster
  3. Once in the Google My Business dashboard, click the Create Post button at the top of the page.
  4. Next, select the Post Type you want to create.

    Note: If you want to post to Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter with the same post, you need to pick a generic post.

    pick a generic post
  5. You will then be given the option to select the social channels you would like to post to and areas to fill in your post’s content.

    All posts have a few essential standard components that they share. As you add content to the post, the preview image of the post dynamically updates to show how the post will look on Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. 

    • a. Page(s) - This is required to enter what social channel pages the post will be sent to. You can pick multiple pages if you need to connect them.
    • b. Image(s) - Instagram and Google My Business only support uploading one image per post at the time of release. Facebook supports up to ten images. 
    • c. Post text - It is capped out at 1,000 characters.

    You can switch and look at the different previews by pressing the buttons above the post preview that says either Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

    Example: From Google My Business Preview:
    Switched to Instagram Post Preview:
  6. Lastly, you can save your post using the Save Draft button or post it to your page with the Publish Now button or Schedule Post option from the arrow on the upper right.
    click publish now

Recurring Post Configuration

Scheduling a recurring post follows a similar workflow as scheduling a singular post. Once you have your post created, you will want to follow the steps below:

  1. Click Schedule Post.
  2. Select Custom in the Occurs dropdown.
  3. Set the Custom Recurrence.
  4. Click Schedule Post to save the changes.
  5. Congratulations! You successfully schedule a recurring post.

Editing or Deleting a Post:

If you ever need to edit a saved draft or published post or delete it, you can do so from within the Social Booster dashboard.

  1. First, you will want to click the Posts tab at the top of the page to see all saved drafts and published posts.
    click Posts tab
  2. Click the three vertical dots menu on the bottom right of a post.
    click the three vertical dots menu
  3. When the three vertical dots menu opens, you will see the options to Edit or Delete.

    Please Note: If you delete a post, it cannot be recovered, and any insights or data tied to it will be lost.

    you will see the options to Edit or Delete