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How To Maintain Database Tables With phpMyAdmin

Maintaining tables in phpMyAdmin is essential to have a fully functional database. There are several functions you can use in phpMyAdmin to maintain your tables effectively.

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Look for the Databases section, then click the phpMyAdmin icon.

    cPanel - phpMyAdmin

  3. Locate your database, then click the + icon to expand and see all tables in the selected database.

    phpMyAdmin - Select Database

  4. On the right pane, select your table(s). You can also put a checkmark on the Check All checkbox, as shown below.

    phpMyAdmin - Databases - Select All Tables

  5. Once selected, click the With selected dropdown menu below the tables and look for Table Maintenance.

    phpMyAdmin - Databases - Select Action

  6. Select action from the list.
    • Analyze Table - This function generates table statistics that help improve and fix inaccurate key distributions.
    • Check Table - This is usually used to check for table integrity and errors.
    • Checksum Table - This is used to verify the contents of the table are still the same before and after any operation, like a backup.
    • Optimize Table - This is used to reorganize or reclaim storage of table data and defragment data files for optimal performance.
    • Repair Table - This is used to fix possible corrupted tables.
  7. A confirmation prompt will appear on top to notify you that the query was successful.

    Successful Query Prompt