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KMail Setup Guide

Note: The instruction given below is for a common email client, such as KMail, that is used with HostGator email accounts and is considered general instructions. If you seek to set up advanced settings, please confer with the developer of your particular email client or your site developer for assistance.

Follow the steps below to configure KMail.

  1. Go to Settings and click Configure KMail.
  2. Click Identity and add your name (anything you like) and email address (must be the full email address and spelled correctly).
  3. Click Accounts or Network.
  4. Under the Receiving tab, press the ADD button and add your incoming email information.
    • The Account Name or Login must be the full email address.
    • The Host should be Replace with your own domain name.
  5. Click OK to close.
  6. While still on Accounts or Network, switch to the Sending tab.
  7. Press the ADD button and add your outgoing email information.
    • Use SMTP, and Host is again
    • Be sure to check the Server requires authentication box if you have one.
  8. Click OK to close.
  9. Click OK again, and you should be able to use your email.

For more information about KMail, please check out their online KDE UserBase Wiki.

If the configuration settings above do not  help to resolve the issue, contact HostGator for help via phone or chat.