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Keyword Ranking Reports - SEO Gears

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Available for SEO Gears Advanced & Professional.

Rankings are checked weekly for each keyword in your keyword list. Over time, you can see the trend of each keyword's ranking and show how your competitors or related sites are ranking for the same keyword.

To Run a Keyword Ranking Report

  1. Log into your SEO Gears account.
  2. Go to the Keywords section using the top navigation bar
  3. Click the Discover Keywords button to choose keywords from a pre-populated list of keywords, or click the Add Keywords to enter your own keywords manually.
    • For discovering keywords, click the checkbox of the keywords you would like to use and then click Save Keywords at the bottom.
    • For manually adding keywords, type your preferred keywords in the box, one keyword per line (a single keyword can be multiple words), and then click Save Keywords at the bottom.

Understanding the Keyword Ranking Reports

Once you have added keywords, you will see that a report has automatically been created in the keyword list. Once the report is completed, it will give you the page number and rank for your website using those keywords, and the results will be added to your list of rankings on the Dashboard.

  • Page Number - This indicates which page your site is listed on. If there is no number listed, your site is not listed in the first 10 pages of search engine results.
  • Rank Number - This indicates your site’s rank for the selected keyword. Being ranked number one is obviously the best and will generate great traffic for this keyword. Remember that 89% of searchers do not leave the first search engine results page, so being further from the first page essentially means your opportunity for visitors is greatly reduced.
Some of this data is gathered from third-party data providers, so it can take up to 24 hours for all the data to populate the keyword list.