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Joomla Self Help Tools

OH SNAP! This article has been deprecated.


Your HostGator cPanel now includes our Joomla Self Help Tools. This makes it easy to perform checks on any Joomla database.

HostGator recommends making a full cPanel backup before making any significant change to your account.

Joomla Self Help Tools

Accessing the Joomla Self Help Tools

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. Click the Joomla Self Help Tools icon.

  3. This displays the Joomla Self Help Tools panel.



Database Tools

This enables you to check connectivity for all Joomla databases under this cPanel with just a few clicks.

  1. Click the Database Tools icon.
  2. Check the box next to DB Connectivity Check and click Run Checks.

  3. The results returned will show the status of each Joomla database.

    Please feel free to contact us via phone or Live Chat for assistance with your account.