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Introduction to Microsoft WebMatrix Functionality

OH SNAP! This article has been deprecated.

Microsoft has discontinued their WebMatrix tool and now recommends that developers use Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.


Examples of Building Static and Dynamic Database Driven Pages

This video gives you an introduction of WebMatrix by walking you through an example using static and dynamic pages.

Modified transcript of video:

(The video gives examples, while the modified transcript below talks about the features only.  View the video for a complete walk-through with examples.)

WebMatrix allows you to create a website using an open source application or by writing the code yourself.

You can use the build-in web gallery to chose from a variety of applications in a variety of categories, including blogging, content management systems (CMSs), forums and more.

WebMatrix makes installation simple, by downloading and installing everything you need.

WebMatrix includes an entire web development stack, including server and databases.

Starting with an Empty Template

The empty template gives you an empty site that you can start filling with pages and code.

You can create lots of different web files, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more!

Static HTML Pages

WebMatrix gives you Intellisense and autocomplete to help your HTML markup.

WebMatrix allows you to be fast and productive in writing your code or markup.

WebMatrix has a full web stack, including server, database and programming framework, so you can test your site quickly and easily.

Database Driven Pages

You can make you pages more dynamic by giving them their content from a database.

WebMatrix has a full database editor so you can create databases, tables and queries.

And you can fill them with data.  All from within WebMatrix.

WebMatrix and ASP.NET Web Pages let you create dynamic web pages that use the .cshtml extension.

These pages will run on the server and use 'Razor' code to generate the HTML that is sent to the browser.

Razor code can be added to your .cshtml page to connect the page to the database, run a query against the database, and display the results on the page.  (See video for example.)

Because the site is now dynamic and data driven, the page can be changed by changing the data in the database.

Bakery template - Example eCommerce Store

The Bakery template gives you a fully functioning eCommerce store that is dynamic and driven from the database.

You can see the products listed in the database.  They have a name, description, price and image name.  (See video for example.)

The products listed in the database are used to generate the pages on the eCommerce site.


WebMatrix supports Helpers, which encapsulate common, complex functionality, such as integrating Twitter, into code that's easy to use.

For example, the Helper for Twitter is just a single line of code, which is easy to edit.

Publishing Your Site

It is easy to publish your site to the Internet with the built in deployment tools.

Once published, you can see what it looks like on the internet.