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Integrated Shipping

Gator customers with upgraded accounts will now be able to utilize Integrated Shipping within their stores using Shippo! Using Shippo means you'll save time, and make more money thanks to priority shipping options, print label creation, and updated order management processes!

Shippo is an integrated software company that helps e-commerce businesses to incorporate shipping with multiple carriers through an API and web application. Gator users will now be able to utilize weight based shipping with priorities like, "Next Day, 2 Day, or Standard Shipping." Keep reading to find out how to setup Shippo!

The Simple Steps:

  1. Create a Shippo account
  2. Set up carriers
  3. Enter default parcel size
  4. Enter product weights

Step 1: Create a Shippo account

1. First, activate Integrated Shipping by navigating to your store settings and selecting Advanced Features.

User-added image

2. Toggle the Integrated Shipping Switch to activate this feature.

3. Navigate back to Store Settings and select the Shipping option.

4. Scroll down and select the “Set up with Shippo” button to start the setup process in the Shippo UI.

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5. Enter the details required, and select Sign up to continue.

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6. Enter your billing information, and select continue.

(You will not be charged for anything at this time. Which is for future calculations.)

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7. Once you enter your details and billing information, be sure to Allow Access to complete the account creation.

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Step 2: Setting Up Carriers

Once you create your account, you will need to set up the carriers you would like to provide. 
*USPS is set up automatically for domestic customers; you can update the other carriers later.

1. From your Shippo Account, select Add New Carrier from the top left-hand corner.
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2. You can Add New or enter an existing account (i.e., FedEx, UPS or DHL).

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3. Once complete, you will navigate back to your HostGator account to setup default package sizes.

Step 3: Enter Default Package Size

Once you have selected your carriers, navigate back to your account, and add your default package size. The integrated shipping tool will begin the process of estimating shipping costs based off of this information.

1. Enter your default package size based off of the most common item(s) you will ship.

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Pro Tip: There are several default package sizes available based off of the most common boxes provided by the carriers, select the most relevant.


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2. Once you have added your default package size, click save to complete this process.

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Step 4: Enter Product Weights.

The last step to setting up Integrated Shipping is to enter the weights for each product you add to your store. To add products weights, first, you may want to review the process for Managing Products, which will cover how to add a product.

1. Below is a screenshot from the "Add a Product" field where the "weight" section appears highlighted. 

User-added image

2. Enter in all your product details as needed and save.

Pro Tip: The entry of basic shipping settings is required.  Flat rates are used as a fall back for the store customer charges.  For example, If a product's weight isn't set or experience errors. The "free shipping at a certain order value" is still supported with integrated shipping.


Managing Shipping:

  • Customers can access their Shippo account at any time by pressing the “Go To Shippo” Button.

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Keep in Mind:

*Customers can change their default parcel size or disable Integrated Shipping by pressing the “Manage Shippo Settings” button.

*Your products need actual weights for shipping calculations to work. You can select from the most common available package sizes found at the carriers provided.

*You can access the Shippo account at any time by pressing the GoToShippo button.